Microsoft Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint Beta

Right now I wanted to write my custom ADAM provider (well I will do this for personal interests). I found an interesting tip for anybody who want to use ADAM as a provider for WSS.

Microsoft started to write there own provider. So ADAM is supported. That’s good news. Next week I will see if all is written good including the role provider. You can download the Toolkit here. Now you can use some sceanarios what was possible with form based authentication only. You can have AD for your internal users and ADAM for external users. To manage the ADAM users you can use some sites from WSS or implement some predefined workflows.

Logical diagram of ECTS


Next week I will give you all the rest informations about it. After my personal tests. The release date, if nothing is changed, is end of january 2008. The project is closed february 2008. May they will show the solution at the sharepoint conference in Frankfurt. We will see.


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